Stories are essential elements of who we are, individually and collectively. No matter how old we are, where we are from, or what we look like, we all have stories. They are a part of our everyday lives as well as the most special moments we experience. There is nothing quite like a story and there is no one quite like you.

Stories can propel us forward in our education and our careers. If used effectively, they can help you get into your dream school, get offered a top job, or fulfill a life-long goal. Are you telling your story in a way that the right people will hear it and listen?

I have spent my career advising people on how to build stories worth telling (gaining experience) and then telling those stories in a compelling way both in writing and in person. If you are looking for help to develop and share your story, let’s chat.

Over the years, I have assisted hundreds of students seeking to attend medical, dental, vet, and other health professions schools. My first book, Your White Coat is Waiting: Vital Advice for Pre-Meds, is designed to help pre-med students avoid making mistakes and employ proven strategies to strengthen their chance for gaining admission to medical school. Co-authored with my father, Dr. William Kirby, our book provides targeted information for individuals evaluating whether a career in medicine is right for them, high school students who plan to be pre-med in college, collegiate pre-med students, post-baccalaureate pre-med students (career changers), and parents seeking to learn more about the medical school admissions process.

I would be happy to connect with you, whether you have questions, similar interests, or just want to chat. Thanks for stopping by!

With gratitude,
Kirsten Kirby